Let me be the first to welcome you tO, The Way Church!

We are excited you stopped by our website. We hope you visit our Facebook site to get more information about us, so that, you can make the decision to stop by for a visit.

If you are a newcomer don’t worry. We have electronic and behind the scenes ways for you to connect. Our goal is to have you slip in and out of the service to get a feel without feeling bombarded.  We work hard to make it a pain free way to check us out.

We have a real simple church model we follow. Dress how you want, come knowing what you know, and be prepared to feel relaxed. Our hope is that you come with an open heart and feel the love we are called to share.

Finally, what can you expect? Worship time that is built on a refining and gratifying environment. A time conscience message that is relevant, relatable, and provides a clear picture of who Jesus is and what he’s done for us all. If you are looking for a mid-week service, we focus ours on education through a small group setting, which has been a staple of growth within our church. We believe you’ll love it too!

So may I be the first to invite you to come and check us out.


Pastor Jason

Pastor Jason is upbeat, positive, caring, and full of faith. The team at this church is amazing and the church is in a growth mode. My team and I love coming to The Way Church year after year to minister. For you older folks that remember The Way (Cult) from the 60s and 70s, this church is not affiliated with them. They are full gospel, fundamental, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled, and community-oriented. You will love The Way Church of Livonia, the pastor and his wife, April, the leadership team, and worship team. This church is a wall-breaking, city-taking church of dedicated followers of Jesus Christ.
— Dr. Dave Williams
I’m not a believer, but I visited The Way Church with my friend (who is a regular) because I was curious about Christianity and was taking Anthro at my college. The pastor is a wonderful and welcoming person and everyone I talked to was fantastic. You could feel their love for God, each other, and everyone else as easily as you can feel heat in the summer. From what I saw, this place is a beacon of positivity and a clear counter-argument to those who say that religion is a bad thing.
— Dan Walters